The Meantime website is a content-driven news portal and agency website that creates a new paradigm for digital PR.


This is the meantime website that I developed, and then managed during my time at the PR agency.

Creating a content driven website was the obvious choice for taking into account all Meantime’s different stakeholder needs.

I developed workflows and templates for colleagues and contributors to efficiently and quickly upload content to maximise SEO.

The website that resulted is a pioneering example of PR in the twenty-first century.

The meantime website is a content driven, stakeholder focussed agency website that breaks new barriers in digital PR.

Dynamic gallery linking to staff profiles – all done through the power of wordpress’ CMS.

I added functionality for people wishing to copy news stories quickly and easily with one-click select CSS.

Meantime’s Newsroom is designed to showcase the companies output, put news stories in context, and create an ecosystem for engagement.

Meantime’s news stories are feature rich and focussed, for easy access and sharing.

Client portals are a repository of information for journalists, clients and prospective business to explore what Meantime can offer.

Client portals provide a dynamic space with a newsdesk, which brings together latest news updates from clients.

The portals host any additional company information such as bios, event details and digital resources.

Taking inspiration from journalism, the news pages make life easy for journalists with their unique functionality.

Plain text versions of news releases can be copied with one click, and the download tabs, provide easy access to images and files.

Easy navigation between stories and clients portals opens up new angles and possibilities for research and newsfinding.

All-together, the site showcases Meantime’s story, brand, and service offering, and creates organic access to all channels of information and communication for everyone who accesses the site.